Skye and Raasay Future – Investment for People and Place

Skye and Raasay Future

A bold new vision harnessing the values and priorities of two island communities has been agreed by the Skye and Raasay Area Committee (Monday 30 August 2021).

Skye & Raasay Future (SARF) is the result of collaborative workshops held throughout 2021, leading to shared outcomes for the future, and a package of projects and ideas currently being championed by communities and partners.

Skye and Raasay Area Committee Chair, Cllr John Gordon said: “Skye and Raasay Future (SARF) can now act as a framework for stakeholders, communities and businesses working together to shape the area’s future. The report is a clear representation of people and place with contributions from all corners of the community.  At a time of challenge, SARF offers a positive step in the road to recovery and opens real opportunity for stakeholders, communities and businesses to use our collective efforts to strike a better deal for the future of Skye and Raasay.”

Executive Chief Officer of Infrastructure and Environment, Malcolm Macleod said: “It’s easy to look at the big strategic developments across Highland but actually what makes the most difference in local areas is a joined-up approach to make sure public sector investment is driven to where it is needed within individual communities, this is the next step on that journey.

Mr MacLeod commended communities in helping steer the preparation of SARF particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding: “This is a really strong place to build from, particularly when we look at all of the available funding that might be coming forward over the next few years.”

SARF uses a StoryMap approach to communicate the priorities and ambitions of local people visually and dynamically. Taking account of a range of engagement events and conversations, it was presented to Members as the unified vision of the community, set to evolve as projects are progressed.

The seven outcomes represent the qualities, values and benefits that are expected to be addressed through any investment, development or intervention are as follows:

  • Climate Action and Resilience – A net zero emission place where actions have been taken to decarbonise all key sectors including buildings and transport, whilst communities and businesses have been prepared and are ready for the impacts of our changing climate.
  • Strengthening Communities – A resilient, inclusive and resourceful community network where everyone has access to good quality, affordable housing options, appropriate access to essential services, and where Gaelic and the area’s unique culture and identity is celebrated.
  • Diverse and Green Economy – An economy which builds on the area’s natural assets, delivers sustainable tourism, and embraces a range of employment opportunities to promote wellbeing, attract investment and supports a thriving population.
  • Transport Infrastructure – An integrated and well maintained network of high quality sustainable transport options which support social inclusion, a competitive economy and deliver the wider ambitions for the area.
  • Health and Education – Modern health, care and education facilities and services that are appropriate for the area and which make it resilient and an attractive place to live.
  • Digital Infrastructure – Reliable, affordable and future proofed digital connections which are accessible for all and support the growth of the economy and the communities.
  • Organising Ourselves – A coordinated and inclusive partnership of groups and organisations which work collaboratively to deliver the agreed vision for Skye and Raasay and added value.

Adoption by the Skye & Raasay Committee today sets the scene for the collaborative approach to continue, with partners to be asked how they want to contribute to a new group to oversee delivery of the SARF vision for the future.  It is hoped that this approach will allow partners to take joint responsibility in delivering the vision they have helped to put in place.

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31 Aug 2021