Leader concerned at rise of Covid-19 cases in Highland

Leader of the Highland Council Margaret Davidson expressed her concern at the developing Covid picture in Highland.

She said: “I am very concerned about the exponential rise in cases in Highland. We are seeing the impact of this particularly in our schools. Around half our schools have been affected since term began and we are experiencing some very large outbreaks. This is causing extreme pressures for all our staff and for the NHS. On top of this we have many large gatherings occuring and there are very few national restrictions to prevent or limit these super-spreader types of events.

“We have always worked very closely with the Health Protection Team who do a sterling job and together, our staff and the NHS team have managed local outbreaks very well. However, since the change in self-isolation guidance, the level of cases has become almost unmangeable and there is considerable disruption to learning and to communities.  We need the Scottish Government to look at this again and provide some clarity over the situation we now find ourselves in.”


1 Sep 2021