Innovative new hydrogen generation and fuelling DPS launched

The Highland Council and The Procurement Partnership Ltd (TPPL) have launched a new Hydrogen generation and fuelling Dynamic Purchasing System, helping councils across the UK to decarbonise transport.

This marks an exciting new partnership between TPPL and The Highland Council and is the first hydrogen DPS of its kind available for the public sector. With the interest in hydrogen as a clean fuel for transport attracting strong interest up and down the UK, a number of councils are already taking action.

Contract scope 

Category 1: Hydrogen generation and fuelling infrastructure
Category 2: Supply of Hydrogen (for vehicle fuelling)  
Category 3: Electric vehicle charging infrastructure  
Category 4: Recycling and repurposing of electric vehicle batteries
Category 5: Supply of Hydrogen (for domestic and commercial purposes)

The new DPS will provide a quick, compliant and simple solution to procuring the latest low and zero carbon hydrogen infrastructure, with access to key suppliers at the forefront of hydrogen generation and fuelling technology. The scope covers a variety of temporary and permanent infrastructure solutions ranging from mobile refuelling solutions, mini hydrogen dispensers, self-contained hydrogen refuelling units, on-site stored hydrogen containers, hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen production plants including regional hubs.

The ongoing hydrogen supply for vehicle fuelling category includes; Grey, Blue, and Green hydrogen, and also hydrogen produced from nuclear (Pink) sources. Category 4 includes the disposal, disassembly, and recycling of precious metals, and other elements within EV Batteries. Also featuring is the repurposing of batteries, to include any necessary refurbishment, for use in a variety of applications. Examples include energy storage (both domestic and commercial), mobile power units, storage to store energy at renewable production facilities (e.g. solar arrays), and emergency power storage (e.g. for use after natural disasters)

The Highland Council, TPPL, and other Contracting Authorities from across the UK recognise the move towards zero emission vehicles is accelerating due to the Government’s plans to launch a ‘world-leading hydrogen economy’. It says that by 2030, hydrogen could play an important role in decarbonising polluting, energy-intensive industries like chemicals, oil refineries, power and heavy transport like shipping, HGV lorries and trains, by helping these sectors move away from fossil fuels. The resulting UK-wide hydrogen economy could be worth £900 million and create over 9,000 high-quality jobs by 2030, potentially rising to 100,000 jobs and worth up to £13 billion by 2050.

TPPL’s wider comprehensive procurement solutions are strategically being developed to facilitate the mass uptake of alternatively fuelled vehicles for Public Bodies. A key part of this initiative is the appointment of suppliers who are at the forefront of new generation hydrogen technology; in addition to support utilising TPPL’s industry knowledge and expertise.

Cllr Trish Robertson, Chair of the Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee and Climate Change Working Group said: “The Council recognises the enormous potential the emerging hydrogen economy is going to provide in terms of delivering net zero, and we’re delighted to be working with The Procurement Partnership to deliver a solution which will make this transition easier for public sector partners across the country.”

Keith Sergison, TPPL’s Business Development Manager for Scotland commented: "This procurement solution is a major step forward in allowing Public Sector Bodies to access a compliant and competitive route to market in support of the decarbonisation of their current vehicle fleets. Promotion of the UK Governments Hydrogen strategy and the road to net zero has been a major influence in the decision to create this unique solution."

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14 Sep 2021