Update on 2021/22 Roads Maintenance Programme for Dingwall and Seaforth

The Highland Council has been continuing to make positive progress on its Dingwall and Seaforth roads maintenance programme for 2021/22.

Dingwall and Seaforth (Ward 8) is now a stand-alone Area Committee and approves capital works independently.

As Dingwall and Seaforth Area has a total of 8% of the road length in the former Ross and Cromarty area, the capital programme is based on 8% of the 2021/22 Ross and Cromarty Area Capital budget. This is set out below:


Ross and Cromarty Budget

Pro-rata Dingwall and Seaforth Budget




Surface dressing




Completed overlay works (from the capital budget) in Dingwall and Seaforth include:

  • Conon House and Highfield Park
  • U2642 Highfield Mulbuie 1
  • U2642 Highfield Mulbuie 2

In addition, surface dressing works undertaken and completed in the area (again from the core capital budget) include:

  • A862 Station Road
  • U3031 Riverford Crescent Drive & Ellis Park
  • Knockfarrell
  • Broomhill

Furthermore, when they met in August 2021, members of the Committee also agreed patching works to the following roads as part of an Additional Roads Ward allocation, which was set at £100,000 for the Ward.  The works completed so far using this funding are:

  • St Andrews Rd
  • Back Rd
  • Cluny Rd
  • Jubilee Park Rd
  • Woodlands Rd
  • Lochussie
  • Deas Avenue

The Council is highlighting some of its roads maintenance works which have recently been completed and these are being featured on social media with the hashtag #HighlandRoadsRecovery.

It’s very important to know how to report damage to Highland Council adopted roads and pavements (including potholes). This can be done by using the online forms on the Council’s website at www.highland.gov.uk/report 

Follow the positive progress being made on #HighlandRoadsRecovery @HighlandCouncil twitter.com/HighlandCouncil and www.facebook.com/highlandcouncil and on the Council’s website at: www.highland.gov.uk/highlandroadsrecovery.


4 Oct 2021