Are you due a cash refund? – Consumer Government Watchdog Groupon Ruling

The Highland Council Trading Standards team are highlighting that customers could be due cash refunds after the consumer government watchdog Groupon voucher ruling.

The Competition & Market Authority (CMA) has secured formal commitments from Groupon to improve its customer service and to offer refunds to certain customers previously not given this option.    Highland customers of the ‘deals’ website Groupon who were told they had to accept a credit note may now be due cash refunds after the CMA investigation.

Groupon vouchers (or deals) can be purchased online from the Groupon website for a wide range of products, including experiences such as hotel afternoon teas, spa days as well as outdoor activities.  It also includes goods and services like MOT Servicing and repairs.   Groupon partners with retailers, businesses and other service providers from all over the UK, to offer items.    However, previously some customers have reported frustration when it comes to getting refunds or a replacement when the service or item can’t be provided as advertised, or simply fails to arrive in the post.

David MacKenzie, Highland Council Trading Standards Manager feels that consumer frustration has been compounded further in recent months. He said: “Unfortunately some consumers, may have been unable to redeem their Groupon ‘deals’ or vouchers due to Covid19 restrictions put in place from March 2020.    This has meant that some affected consumers have been reliant on Groupon to receive cash refunds instead.  

He further explains: “When cash refunds were not being offered, affected consumers may have reluctantly accepted a ‘credit note’ from Groupon instead.  As time has passed, some vouchers and credit notes have expired.   We work closely with the CMA on a range of consumer issues and welcome this action, and the opportunity to inform those affected Highland consumers on how to make their claim for a cash refund from Groupon.”   

Trading Standards advises that any consumer who wishes to claim a cash refund for unredeemed Groupon vouchers which have expired due to Covid19 restrictions should contact ‘Groupon’ on 020 3510 0410, email:  or online form:

Highland consumers can also contact an advisor for further help and guidance at Advice Direct Scotland (ADS).  ADS is a government backed consumer helpline service that offers free and confidential consumer advice and works in partnership with local trading standards throughout Scotland.   Consumers can contact ADS on Freephone 0808 164 6000 or by email through their webform at:

12 Oct 2021