Joint Meeting of Nairn Partnership and Highland Council Nairn Ward Forum

A joint meeting will be held on Thursday 5 July of the Ward Forum for The Highland Council electoral ward of Nairn and the Nairn Partnership. Held at the newly-refurbished Court House, Nairn, the meeting will commence at 6 pm and will be open to the public. There will be a 20 minute session at the close of the meeting for the public to ask questions.

The meeting will be attended by the four councillors who serve Nairn – Provost Liz MacDonald, Sandy Park, Laurie Fraser and Graham Marsden  – as well as Louise Clark, Ward Manager for Nairn and representatives from community councils and the police.

Provost MacDonald said: “I hope the public will understand that the Partnership and Forum meetings will not be able to discuss or take information on any outstanding or current planning applications - the Community Councils are still the appropriate place to air any concerns in regard to planning issues.
“I also hope that we will continue to work together well in Nairn, all trying to achieve the best we can for our local area.”
There will be at least six meetings of the Ward Forum each year and dates for forthcoming meetings will be considered at the inaugural meeting.



25 Jun 2007