Information on new Business Ventilation Grant Scheme

Grants of up to £2,500 are now available to businesses to improve ventilation and air quality on their premises to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. This could include installing carbon dioxide monitors or repairs to windows and vents.

Targeted to high-risk settings where people come into close proximity, such as restaurants, bars and gyms, businesses are invited to first undertake a self-assessment of the ventilation within their premises to identify if any improvements could be made and what costs may be claimed back. If improvements are needed, businesses will then be invited to complete an application form.

Cllr Trish Robertson, Chair of the Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee said: “This grant scheme is different than the others we have delivered on behalf of the Scottish Government, as businesses are first asked to complete the Scottish Government’s online self-assessment. Only then if their premises require improvement works will the businesses be invited to fill out an application form.

“We urge all affected businesses to go to either our own or the Scottish Government’s website, take time to read the guidance, and then complete the online self-assessment and if eligible, follow instructions when applying and claiming the grant.”

She added: “We also want to stress to businesses that it is their individual responsibility to ensure that they have all the relevant permissions in place before undertaking any works to their premises. Please, we ask that businesses contact us to first check to ensure that they do not need any formal permissions before they do any works.”

Further details, including information on eligibility are available on the Council’s website -


24 Nov 2021