Searching For Aquabeasts

The Highland Council’s Countryside Rangers have organised an afternoon of river dipping  for all kinds of underwater bugs and beasties at the River Nairn on Wednesday 4 July.  Why not come along and be amazed at just how much life there is in the clear fresh water of the river? All equipment will be supplied, except wellies!
Ranger John Orr is excited about this event.  He said:  “This is going to be a really fun day with a chance to investigate exactly why the River Nairn is such a great place for wildlife. We will be trying to net some of the little creatures at the bottom end of the food chain. Without the existence of these smaller forms of life, larger animals such as fish and birds could not survive. The River Nairn is very clean, unpolluted river so it should be teaming with these little creatures.”
Although this early afternoon event is free, booking is essential and all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. To book a place please telephone 01463 702932 and you will be advised as to where the meeting point will be.
The Highland Council Countryside Rangers are a partnership between The Highland Council and Scottish Natural Heritage with the aim of promoting public enjoyment and appreciation of the countryside and conserving wildlife.

29 Jun 2007