Hospitality Business Support Top-Up Grant Scheme

The Hospitality Business Support Top-Up Grant Scheme will provide a one-off payment for businesses in the hospitality sector who have lost bookings during December 2021 and January 2022.  Business will receive either a grant of £4,500 or £6,800 depending on their rateable value.

Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Trish Robertson said:  “We are all very concerned over the emerging Omicron variant and the impact this is having on all aspects of life, but we recognise that certain businesses in the hospitality sector are yet again bearing the economic brunt of the pandemic.  We are therefore pleased to be able to assist the Scottish Government in getting this essential grant out to public houses, restaurants, cafes, other licensed premises classed as hospitality such as sports and social clubs, nightclubs, and hotels with bars and restaurants”

“As we already have the contact details for these identified business from a previous grant scheme we delivered, we will, once we receive full details of the grant scheme, be writing out to these businesses and asking them to consider the criteria set by the Scottish Government, and if they consider their business fits the criteria set, to apply via the online form.”

“If you are a new eligible hospitality business, we ask that you keep a close eye on the Scottish Government’s Find Business Support website as it will give details on how you will be able to apply for this Top-Up Grant Scheme.”

Cllr Robertson further advised:  “Although the Council will not be delivering these grants, businesses in the Wedding, Wholesalers, Tourism and Culture Sectors will also benefit from a one-off payment if they have been affected by the latest public health advice in December 2021.”

For full up-to-date details of these and any other grant schemes that may become available, affected businesses are advised to go to the Scottish Government's Find Business Support website:


22 Dec 2021