Planning ahead is key to visiting the Highlands during 2022 

As visitor numbers are expected to continue to grow with the popularity of visiting the Highlands and Islands increasing and many people choose holidaying closer to home, Chair of The Highland Council’s Tourism Committee asks holiday-makers to plan ahead.

Cllr Gordon Adam, Tourism Committee Chair said: “We welcome people visiting the Highlands and ask them now - when booking their holidays for 2022 to be aware that popular destinations will be busy at key times; and wherever possible people should plan and book ahead, particularly for the Spring/Summer season or on bank holiday weekends.”

Websites like VisitScotland and the various destination marketing organisations around Highland provide visitors with lots of information on booking accommodation direct, itinerary planning, local insights and general tourist information.
The Highland Council visiting the highlands web pages provide useful information for enjoying the area in 2022.

If planning to camp or visit in a motorhome make sure you are aware of what you can and can’t do and where facilities and services are (read our visiting the highlands/motorhome guide).

This also applies to self-contained motorhomes visiting in winter. Out of peak season, camping and motorhome services are still available but are limited, particularly in remote areas. It is important to check these out prior to travel.

The Highland Council is investing in visitor management services and provisions to support public transport and active travel across the Highlands and help balance the increase in visitor numbers on the unique Highland landscape.

At a national level VisitScotland Tread Lightly (external link to ‘Tread lightly’ video) awareness campaign aligns with the Council’s ask of all visitors to the Highlands.

Cllr Adam added: “While people living and working in Highland tourism welcome and embrace visitors with open arms and are proud to share our spectacular landscapes and historic communities, we ask visitors to help play their part in protecting the very essence of what draws you to visit by being responsible and nurturing the environment to protect it all for generations to come.”


5 Jan 2022