Council to consult on Nairn Common Good land in respect of two proposals at West Links, Nairn

The Highland Council has, on 12 January 2022, launched a Common Good consultation giving the Nairn community until 11 March 2022 to respond to proposals in respect of the Links Kiosk, West Links, Marine Road, Nairn and an adjacent area both of which are located on Common Good land.

The proposals are:

  • dispose, by lease, of 178m² of land at West Links incorporating the existing lease footprint of the Links Kiosk (137.5m²) together with an additional area (40.5m²) located on the West Links at Marine Road, Nairn.
  • change the use of 40.5m² (additional area) from public amenity land to land leased for kiosk seating.

The Links Kiosk is currently leased until 2029 and the existing tenant has asked that the Council consider a 30-year lease to enable him to commit to a programme of investment in the site and to see a return on that investment. In addition, the existing tenant has asked that consideration be given to leasing an additional area of 40.5m² adjacent to the Kiosk to allow for increased outdoor seating facilities.

The Council is keen to hear the community’s views on the proposal and all submissions will be given full regard before a decision on whether, and how, to proceed is made.

The full consultation document is available at:
In terms of the process, please refer to the guidance available at:

Please submit written responses either by email to or by post to Sara Murdoch, The Highland Council HQ, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX.

Consultation representations, responses and any final decision will be published on the Council website.



Below:  Map showing the kiosk at West Links, Marine Road, Nairn.

Map showing the kiosk at West Links, Marine Road, Nairn.


12 Jan 2022