New Members Appointed To Wick Harbour Authority

Six new members have been appointed to serve on the board of Wick Harbour Authority. All have a special knowledge and business background to take forward the future running of the harbour. They will join Harbour Master, Malcolm Bremner, on the Board. The new members are: -

Alex Calder, a shipping agent from Wick, who has worked in the fishing industry for the past 30 years.

Alexander Gordon Doull, a director/civil engineer with Nortec Engineering Services Ltd, who has extensive management experience on construction projects.

Hugh Simpson, a director with Hugh Simpson Contractors Ltd and Simpson Oils Ltd, both of which are active around Caithness.

Graeme Smith, a Highland Councillor representing Wick who has been a member of Wick Harbour Trust for the past six years.

John William Sutherland, who owns a number of businesses in and around Caithness.

William Duncan Watt, pipeline construction manager with Subsea 7 (UK), from Wick. Mr Watt is responsible for the management of Subsea 7’s pipeline construction.

Mr Doull and Mr Calder will seek reappointment next year; Mr Smith and Mr Sutherland in 2007 and Mr Simpson and Mr Watt in 2008. The board has been reconstituted as the result of Wick Harbour Trustees writing to the Scottish Ministers for a Harbour Revision Order under section 14 of the Harbours Act 1964.

At its first meeting on Monday, 4 July, Mr Watt was appointed chairman and Mr Doull, vice-chairman.  The board agreed to formulate new policies and procedures and will provide press releases to maintain full public awareness of the harbour operation.

28 Apr 2006