Funding boost for Inverness play areas and paths

To help families during the pandemic recovery play parks in 5 Inverness Wards will be repaired and improved with COVID-19 funding.

Inverness Councillors decided at The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee today to ‘repurpose’ COVID-19 funds to support the Council’s Amenity Services with repairs and improvements to play parks in:

  • Inverness West (Ward 13) - £9,075 
  • Inverness Central (Ward 14) - £10,000 
  • Inverness Ness-side (Ward 15) - £10,345 
  • Inverness Millburn (Ward 16) - £12,950; and 
  • Inverness South (Ward 19) - £1,411.

Millburn Academy community is also set to benefit from Councillors’ support for a project proposal to transform the school’s library area into an art gallery and performance space combined with a café/restaurant at an estimated project cost of up to a maximum of £15,000.

£70,000 Placed Based Investment Funding for Inverness West (Ward 13) was also reallocated to help improve residential paths in the city Ward with £36,000 for play areas and £34,000 for path improvements approved.

Provost and Leader of Inverness and Area Cllr Helen Carmichael said: “Last month Highland Council agreed that local Councillors would decide how to use unspent COVID-19 funds on projects at Area level to assist children and adults within deprived areas during the recovery. Local Members know their Wards best and I am delighted that we have agreed their recommendations today that will benefit our communities.”

Members also agreed that £66,167 from the Scottish Government’s play park renewal fund be allocated equally across the council’s 7 city wards to support repairs and improvements at Inverness play areas.

17 Feb 2022