Repair and Refurbishment Charity continues to thrive thanks to HERO Scheme

Photo of shop exterior

George Livingstone, Development Manager and Tomas Jedlicka pictured outside the shop

It’s nearly a year since the Grantown Remakery in Badenoch and Strathspey recruited Tomas Jedlicka as their workshop supervisor thanks to support from The Highland Council’s HERO employability scheme.

The charity supports local young people by helping them develop work and employment skills through the repair and refurbishment of household items.

Tomas is proud to be part of the Grantown Remakery project. His role is to guide young people in developing their manual skills along with their confidence, and helping them develop an interest in repair, refurbishment and restoration.

Working with Tomas, who joined the team last May, the young folk learn how to keep a tidy, efficient work place and also learn the skills of repairing and recycling household items that might otherwise end up in landfill. As well making a positive contribution to the environment, everyone taking part enjoys the chance to be creative to give household items a new lease of life.

Tomas said: “Thanks to the HERO scheme I can perform work that I really enjoy and has meaning for me. It allows me to work as the workshop supervisor, which I really enjoy as it benefits my local community.”

The work restoring, recycling and then reselling a wide range of goods donated by the public continues to thrive thanks to Tomas and the rest of the dedicated team.

George Livingstone, Development Manager said: “On behalf of the Charity I have found HERO to be an excellent way of supporting our growth and enabling us to increase the services we have on offer, both for the young people who learn work and employability skills but also for our increased repair and remake service to our local community.”

Grantown Remakery can be found on Grantown High Street and the shop is open to the public Tuesdays, Wednesdays and  Thursdays from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Any business interested in finding out how the HERO employability scheme can help them should visit The Highland Council’s website -


13 Apr 2022