Next phase of Commando Memorial expected to start next week

Commando Memorial Spean Bridge
The Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge

The next phase of works on the Commando Memorial site at Spean Bridge is expected to get underway next week, with the cleaning of the bronze statue including the stone plinth.

This means that the Memorial will be scaffolded and sheeted obscuring it from public view.

It is anticipated that the cleaning work will take around two weeks. This will be followed by repairs to the flagstone area surrounding the Memorial which will take a further three weeks.

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity, War Memorials Trust, The Highland Council and Commando Association have funded different elements of the major improvements to the memorial garden as well as commissioning repairs and appropriate cleaning of the Grade A Listed sculpture.

Substantial donations donated by the public at the site have also made these works possible.

Lack of visibility of the statue will be disappointing for many visitors, but more information about the history of the Commandos can be seen at the West Highland Museum in Fort William Town Centre or on the following websites - , , or

22 Apr 2022