Highland Council election results

Issued on behalf of the Returning Officer 

All the results for the 2022 Highland Council election have been declared.  They are as follows:

Independent - 21
Scottish Conservative and Unionist - 10
Scottish Green Party - 4  
Scottish Labour Party - 2 
Scottish Liberal Democrats - 15  
Scottish National Party (SNP) - 22  

Total elected    74

The first meeting of the new Council will be held on Thursday 26 May.

The newly elected councillors for each Ward are shown below in alphabetical order:


Ward 1: North, West and Central Sutherland (3)

Michael BAIRD - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Marianne HUTCHISON - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Hugh MORRISON - Independent


Ward 2: Thurso and Northwest Caithness (4)

Ron GUNN - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Struan MACKIE - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Matthew REISS - Independent

Karl ROSIE - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 3: Wick and East Caithness (4)

Raymond BREMNER - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Andrew JARVIE - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

A.I. Willie MACKAY - Independent

Jan MCEWAN - Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 4: East Sutherland and Edderton (3)

Richard GALE - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Jim MCGILLIVRAY - Independent

Leslie-anne NIVEN - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 5: Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh (4)

Chris BIRT - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Biz CAMPBELL - Independent

Liz KRAFT - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Patrick LOGUE - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Ward 6: Cromarty Firth (4)

Tamala COLLIER - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Maxine MORLEY-SMITH - Independent

Pauline MUNRO - Independent

Molly NOLAN - Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 7: Tain and Easter Ross (3)

Derek LOUDEN - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Sarah RAWLINGS - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Alasdair RHIND - Independent


Ward 8: Dingwall and Seaforth (4)

Sean Edward KENNEDY - Independent

Graham Alexander MACKENZIE - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Angela MACLEAN - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Margaret PATERSON - Independent


Ward 9: Black Isle (3)

Sarah ATKIN - Independent

Lyndsey JOHNSTON - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Morven-May MACCALLUM - Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 10: Eilean a' Cheò (4)

John FINLAYSON - Independent

Drew MILLAR - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Calum MUNRO - Independent

Ruraidh STEWART - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Ward 11: Caol and Mallaig (3)

Andrew BALDREY - Scottish Greens - Delivering For Our Community

John Colin GRAFTON - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Liz SAGGERS - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Ward 12: Aird and Loch Ness (4)

Chris BALLANCE - Scottish Greens - Think Global Act Local

Helen CRAWFORD - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

David FRASER - Independent

Emma KNOX - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 13: Inverness West (3)

Bill BOYD - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alex GRAHAM - Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Ryan MACKINTOSH - Scottish Greens – Delivering For Our Community


Ward 14: Inverness Central (3)

Michael CAMERON - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Kate MACLEAN - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Bet MCALLISTER - Scottish Labour Party


Ward 15: Inverness Ness-side (3)

Alasdair CHRISTIE - Scottish Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Jackie HENDRY- Scottish National Party (SNP)

Andrew MACKINTOSH - Scottish Labour Party


Ward 16: Inverness Millburn (3)

Ian BROWN - Scottish National Party (SNP)

David GREGG - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Isabelle MACKENZIE - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Ward 17: Culloden and Ardersier (3)

Glynis CAMPBELL-SINCLAIR - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Morven REID - Independent

Trish ROBERTSON - Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 18: Nairn and Cawdor (4)

Laurie FRASER - Independent

Michael GREEN - Independent

Barbara Babs JARVIE - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Paul OLDHAM - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 19: Inverness South (4)

Colin AITKEN - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Ken GOWANS - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Duncan MACPHERSON - Independent

Andrew SINCLAIR - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ward 20: Badenoch and Strathspey (4)

John BRUCE - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Muriel COCKBURN - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Russell JONES - Independent

Bill LOBBAN – Independent


Ward 21: Fort William and Ardnamurchan (4)

Sarah FANET - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Angus MACDONALD - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Thomas MACLENNAN - Independent

Kate WILLIS - Scottish Green Party


Full details of The Highland Council election results are available by visiting www.highland.gov.uk/slg22result.

6 May 2022