Proposed closure of Roy Bridge Primary School

The Highland Council’s Education Committee has agreed to recommend that Roy Bridge Primary School be permanently closed. The Committee’s decision will be considered at the next full meeting of The Highland Council in October.

The Committee’s decision follows a public consultation carried out between 24 November 2021 and 21 January 2022.  A public meeting was held online on 12 January 2022.

Education Committee Chair, Cllr John Finlayson said: “Having reviewed all the responses to the consultation exercise and understood the background the Committee considers that the closure proposal offers positive educational benefits and should be implemented.”

Should the full Council agree to the closure, the proposal will be referred to Scottish Ministers. They will have an 8-week period from the date of the Council’s decision to decide if they will intervene by issuing a call-in notice. Within the first 3 weeks of that 8-week period, they will take account of any relevant representations made to them by any person on whether the decision should be called in, or not called in, for review by a School Closure Review Panel. 

Further advice on this would be published on the Council’s website immediately after 27 October 2022.

30 Sep 2022