Nairnshire Area Committee has agreed a 7% garage rents increase for 2023/24

Members of yesterday's Committee, Monday, 23 January 2023, agreed a 7% increase in garage rents for Nairnshire garages and garage sites for 2023/24.

The additional revenue received through this increase will be ring-fenced to fund garage repairs and improvements within the local area and to partially offset increases in the overall cost of repairs.

Garage Rent for Council Tenants will increase by 44 pence from £6.24 to £6.68.  Meanwhile, Garage Rent for non-tenants will go up by 52 pence from £7.49 to £8.01.

For Garage Sites, the annual rent for Council Tenants will increase by £2.64 from £37.68 to £40.32 per year.  Annual Garage Site Rent for Non-Tenants will also increase by £3.17 from £45.24 to £48.41 per year.

As a result, total income will increase from £14,518.20 to £15,534.47.

Occupancy levels for garages and garage sites are high in the Nairnshire area – with all garage lockups occupied and just one garage site vacant.

Councillor Michael Green, Chair of the Nairnshire Area Committee, said:  “Garages and garage sites within Nairnshire are competitively priced by comparison to commercial storage solutions and this moderate increase – which sits below the current rate of inflation – will support and fund garage repairs and improvements.”

The rent increase will commence from April 2023 and garage tenants will be notified by letter.

24 Jan 2023