Progress Update on Uig Harbour Planned Re-opening for 23 March

The progress update on the works and reopening of the ferry berth at Uig is that all works are on programme for the linkspan reopening on Thursday 23 March.

Highland Council has a high degree of confidence that CalMac ferry services can resume as planned.

The following is the current progress update on each work activity: 

  • Linkspan Bankseat and Dredging – works completed.
  • Lifting Dolphins - All piles installed and cut to level. The bracing steelwork is currently being installed with planned completion by the end of next week. The bracing steelwork can be installed around the ferry operations if there are any issues with delay.
  • Protection Piles (2no.) and Fender Panels – the installation of the fender panels on the 2no. protection piles will be completed this afternoon.
  • Temporary Bridge – installation complete on one side and the other side has been left off to allow access during the current outage works.
  • Fender Socket Piles (7no.) – these have hit a number of obstructions and have had to be re-pitched and re-driven, at present 4 out of the 7 are in the correct position. The dredger has been utilised to clear the obstructions and when the obstructions are clear the piles will be re-pitched with installation and cutting planned for completion on Friday.
  • Linkspan Certification and Load Test – the rope replacement works commenced yesterday and are on programme for replacement by Friday 17 March when the certification and load testing is programmed to be carried out.
  • Roundhead Piling – the piling works to encase the outer dolphin roundhead have been completed to a stage which provide a solid piled wall berthing structure widening and will provide protection to the ferry from the wave climate during future berthing operations.

Site operation clear up works will follow during next week prior to the opening of the ferry berth to provide the areas used by the ferry, ferry traffic and passengers safe for use.

15 Mar 2023