Mobile Shredders among Waste Projects Updates

The use of mobile shredders to treat bulky waste was among several projects that Highland Councillors were updated on today (24 May 2023) at the Communities and Place Committee.

Councillors were informed that the Council has agreed to invest in 3 mobile shredders to treat larger domestic items or ‘bulky waste’ that are too large to fit into a kerbside bin. This will enable the Council to reduce bulky waste items to a smaller size as accepted by its energy-from-waste service provider.

Members welcomed a successful application to Zero Waste Scotland - Recycling Improvement Fund which will enable investment in collection services to improve recycling within Highland.

The project will enable changes to waste services that will provide wide-reaching benefits to Highland recycling. These include an extension to the Skye Waste Transfer Station and enhancement to the Seater Waste Transfer Station as well as numerous other practical changes to recycling processes over the coming year.

Since coming into operation in early April, a second visit to the new Inverness Waste Transfer Station is being arranged for Councillors to see the transfer station now in full operational mode.

Members were also updated on the Council’s working plans towards the waste transfer station in Fort William being operational in late 2024 / early 2025. A planning application is being prepared for submission at the end of May; discussions are ongoing with the site owner regarding the ground lease; and an application to SEPA will be made for a site waste management licence.

Councillor Graham MacKenzie, Chair of Communities and Place said: “We are working hard towards sustainable long-term waste management solutions for Highland.

“Progress is being made as we continue to work closely with The Scottish Government. I recently met the Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity with Senior Council Officers in Edinburgh to discuss our long-term waste management and the circular economy.”

A study is currently under way to provide an updated perspective on the feasibility and viability of the long term waste management options for The Highland Council – the findings of which will be presented to the Communities and Place Committee later this year.

24 May 2023