Public consultation agreed for Gaelic Medium catchments

The Highland Council will seek the views of local communities on a proposal to establish a Gaelic Medium (GM) catchment area for identified schools in the Inverness, Dingwall, and Nairnshire areas.

The schools identified in the proposal include: Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig, Inbhir Nis, Inverness Royal Academy, Dingwall Primary School, Dingwall Academy, Millbank Primary School, and Nairn Academy.

This proposal is the latest in a programme being carried forward throughout Highland. The Council has finalised 16 GM catchment areas out of a total of 20 primary schools that offer GME. Additionally, a further 10 GM catchments have been finalised for secondary schools, out of a total of 14.

The change is being proposed in line with Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Medium Education.  

The views of parents, the local community and others will be sought as part of a statutory consultation process which will begin on 21 August 2023.

Three public meetings will be held at:

  • Millbank Primary School – 5 September 2023, 6.30pm
  • Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis – 13 September 2023, 6.30pm
  • Dingwall Primary School – 19 September 2023, 6.30pm

Anyone wishing to attend the public meetings is invited to do so. The meetings will be convened by the Council, will be chaired by a senior elected councillor, and will be addressed by officers of the Education Service. Electronic invitations will be sent to all statutory consultees.

The meeting will provide opportunities for the public to hear more about the proposal; to ask questions about the proposal; and to have the views of all stakeholders recorded so that they can be taken into account.

Information will be made available through the Council’s school consultation webpage at

2 Jun 2023