Update on effective delivery of engineering and roads operations project

Photo of a bus

As part of the papers presented to The Highland Council’s Redesign Board, held on Wednesday 30 August, Councillors received an update on the Road Improvement project which aims to redesign the service where necessary and deliver improvements for the effective, efficient, and sustainable delivery of all engineering and roads operations across the Highlands.

The project is currently focusing on reviews to suggest improvements, Reports with recommendations have been finalised for Temporary and Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders as well as compensation claims that are awaiting senior management approval. The review for the Road Construction Consents process is ongoing.

Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Ken Gowans said: “The purpose for this project is to redesign the service to modernise it and to ensure efficient processes are in place. These improvements are fundamental to the delivery of efficient, quality services that continue to provide value for money. Not only will the new processes benefit staff, but they will also benefit customers.

He added: “I am particularly pleased in how our In-house bus service has been operating and it is great that services will be expanded to benefit more bus users and bring additional savings.”

The In-house Bus Service is now so well established the Council can begin to consider extra work for the vehicles. This includes providing transport for primary school swimming trips and work to deliver an additional school contract in-house is being progressed. This would have the potential of bringing a saving of around £159K to the council.


30 Aug 2023