Highland airfield for lease

Photo showing airfield

The Highland Council is promoting the opportunity to lease Dornoch Airfield.

The Dornoch airfield, a common good asset, is currently unlicensed with a total site area measuring up to 16.16 hectares with a runway included.

Historically, the airfield is used for various means such as a base for local groups operating R.C. planes and vehicles and a landing spot for private operators.

The airfield is currently unmanned and is available for private and emergency landings. There is also a public car parking area near to the site.

There is a privately leased hangar adjoining the airfield which is not included in the lease of the airfield.

Any use of the airfield over the 5 year period of the lease would be subject to the guidance outlined in the CAP 793: Safe Operating Practices at Unlicensed Aerodromes published by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Chair of the Sutherland Committee, Cllr Richard Gale said: “Dornoch Airfield is a fantastic asset for Dornoch and the surrounding area, and one which has significant potential for rejuvenation and development, with a lessee able to bring a fresh perspective and approach to management of the airfield. It is actively used at present by a number of private pilots and flying clubs from across the region, as well as by local community groups such as the Dornoch Model Flying Club. The Council looks forward to receiving proposals from interested parties and to working with the successful tenant to support them as they take on this exciting opportunity.”

All proposals are welcomed before the closing date of 13 October 2023. Any offer should outline relevant background and experience and include an appropriate business case for the requirements outlined in the particulars.

Full details are available on the Council’s website 

All offers should be emailed to property.letting@highland.gov.uk

7 Sep 2023