Chair welcomes work to continue enhancing safety in Highland communities


The Highland Council welcomes the partnership approach from Transport Scotland in implementing the 20mph speed limit on sections of trunk road through villages and towns in Highland. 

Transport Scotland have provided the public with details on the work that will be undertaken along the North West’s trunk road network to the installation of new 20mph signage and the removal of existing 30mph signage and road markings, to encourage compliance with the new speed limits.

Chair of The Highland Council’s Environment and Infrastructure Committee welcomes the progress and work to include the Truck Roads. He said: “I welcome the support for the scheme by Transport Scotland and I am pleased to see the start of the installation on the Trunk Roads which will support the work already done by the local teams. 

“As a resident in the Highland and a representative of my local community I regularly receive concerns regarding speeding and road Safety issues as such I strongly support the ongoing work and encourage the public to provide feedback on the scheme.” 

 Local communities will notice this new signage being installed over the new few weeks.  Work continues in other areas to complete the 20mph signage installation and deal with minor issues being raised through interaction with residents. 

The Road Safety Team are currently planning a review of sites as part of the programme for the 20mph speed limits and local communities should see speed survey equipment being installed over the next few months (Late Sept / October)   The data from this will support the decision-making process during the 18month timetable for review and redesign of the scheme.

Along with the work ongoing, the team have been receiving feedback from local communities both in support of the scheme and a number raising concerns with certain roads they believe should return to 30mph speed limits.  Feedback can be submitted at  This is not part of the formal consultation process which will be advertised in due course.

The Council has created a short information video about the 20mph roll-out which is available on YouTube  

Cllr Gowans at a 20mph sign


19 Sep 2023