Easter Ross Area Committee members agree move to public consultation to decide future of historic Bouchardon Bust

web version of photo of bust

Members of the Easter Ross Area Committee today (Monday 30 October) agreed to move forward towards a public consultation on the potential sale of the historic Bouchardon Bust.

 At a meeting earlier today, Members noted the information provided and agreed to hold a statutory Community Empowerment consultation to seek the views of the local community.

Today’s decision, made on behalf of the Invergordon Common Good Fund, effectively sets in motion the process which needs to be taken to determine the future of the bust.

The Bouchardon Bust depicts late landowner and MP Sir John Gordon.  It was created by Edmé Bouchardon and was sculpted in the early 18th century whilst the artist was resident in Rome and Sir John was on his Grand Tour.  It is owned by the Invergordon Common Good Fund.

The sale of the bust has the potential to recover a significant capital receipt for Invergordon Common Good Fund which would provide investment opportunities for income generation and rejuvenation of the Common Good fund.

However, as the bust is a Common Good asset, the Council is required to conduct a public consultation under section 104 Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 in order to inform any decision making in respect of a proposal to sell the Bouchardon bust.   No decision can be made ahead of this process, and any decision will need to take into account the responses received.

The report considered by Members earlier today can be found on the Highland Council website under Item 10.



30 Oct 2023