Capital investment for Sutherland council housing improvements

Sutherland Committee Members have agreed the investment priorities in the Sutherland Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Capital Programme with £5.2m spent on projects to improve Sutherland Council homes for 2023-27.

The HRA Capital Programme 2023-27 has been developed in line with the agreed principles within the 2022-27 HRA Capital Plan.

Sutherland Area Committee Chair, Cllr Richard Gale said: “The priorities for individual areas have been identified on a local level through discussions with local maintenance teams and tenants. A key priority of investment is in works to improve the energy efficiency of our Council homes. It is encouraging to hear at today’s meeting how our local tenants are able to engage in the process and provide feedback to the service.”

The programme includes a total of £2.8m to be spent on heating/energy efficiency works on Sutherland Council homes over the next 4 years, which reflects the Council’s strategic commitment towards increased spend on measures to assist with improving the energy efficiency of housing stock. A further £237k will be spent in total on environmental improvement projects across the area.

31 Oct 2023