E&I Committee members approve Council’s response to Scottish Government consultation on tackling the nature emergency

Members of The Highland Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee today (16 November 2023) approved the local authority’s response to the Scottish Government’s consultation aimed at tackling the nature emergency.

The Scottish Government consultation is seeking views on a range of topics and proposals related to biodiversity and tackling the nature emergency in Scotland.

That consultation includes the first 5-year delivery plan (to deliver the actions of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy (SBS), Nature Networks policy framework, 30 by 30 policy framework, a framework for establishing statutory nature targets to drive delivery, and changes to the National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000.

The full consultation document can be accessed here: Tackling the Nature Emergency: Consultation on Scotland’s Strategic Framework for Biodiversity

Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Ken Gowans said: “There are a number of actions that, it is assumed, will directly or indirectly impact the different services and functions of the Council.

“However, at this stage, the wording of each of the actions does not make clear what our role, and that of other stakeholders, in delivering the action is.

“It is currently uncertain, for example, which of the actions local authorities may be expected to lead (either individually or in partnership), which of the actions local authorities would provide input on or be a consultee and which actions would impact one or more of our functions.”

He added: “The consultation response seeks clarity from Scottish Government on this particular issue as there are potential risks and resource implications resulting.”

Following approval by members of today’s committee, the full consultation response (contained within the Appendix of Item 7) will be sent to the Scottish Government by the deadline of 14 December 2023.



16 Nov 2023