Caithness Committee approves rises in garage and garage site rents

Members today (29 January 2024) agreed to a 7.95% increase in rents for garages and a 10% increase for garage sites in the Caithness area. 

The additional revenue received through these increases will be ring fenced to fund garage repairs and improvements and will partly offset increases in the cost of repairs. 

Currently across Caithness there are 231 garages and 382 garage sites that bring in rent of £181,288 per year.

Chair of the Committee, Councillor Ron Gunn said: “Garages and garage sites across Caithness are competitively priced by comparison to commercial storage solutions and this moderate increase will support and fund garage repairs and improvements.”

The rate increase will commence from April 2024 and garage tenants will be notified by letter. 



29 Jan 2024