Dingwall & Seaforth garage rents agreed for 2024/25

Area Committee Members for Dingwall & Seaforth (Ward 8) have agreed a 7.95% increase in garage rents for the Ward’s garages and garage sites for financial year 2024/25.

Garage Rent for Council Tenants will increase from £10.42 per week to £11.25 per week.  Meanwhile, Garage Rent for non-tenants will go up from £12.50 to £13.49 per week.

For Garage Sites, the annual rent for Council Tenants will increase from £39.52 to £42.64 per year.  Annual Garage Site Rent for Non-Tenants will also increase from £47.32 to £50.96 per year.

As a result, total income for rentals within the Ward will increase from £137,652 to £148,599.

Garages and garage sites are well-used within the Dingwall & Seaforth area, with an occupancy rate in excess of 75%.

Councillor Graham MacKenzie, Chair of the Dingwall & Seaforth Area Committee, said: “Garages and garage sites within the Ward remain well-used and competitively priced for local residents, even when taking this modest increase into account. 

“We also recognise that the majority of our garages are used by local residents for storage purposes, with the Council’s offering at a fraction of the cost of commercial solutions.”

The rent increase will commence from April 2024 and garage tenants will be notified by letter.

21 Feb 2024