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The Highland Council wishes to remind people who live, work, visit and invest in Highland, that there is opportunity to share their experiences of that by taking part in the Highland Place Standard survey that was launched on 20 March 2024.

The information is aimed at shaping future plans, including the Council’s next Local Development Plan, and seeks feedback under four main themes: Movement, Spaces, Resources, Civic, and Stewardship.

The Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Ken Gowans said: “Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has already participated in the survey for their valuable input. I would also like to remind anyone who has not yet taken part that there is still time to do so as the survey will run until the end of May.

“It is a chance to highlight what you feel are the positive and the negative aspects of where you live and pass on your ideas and aspirations for what can be done differently going forward. All the responses will provide us with valuable information as we look to plan for the future, taking in to account the unique make-up of all our communities.”

People are asked to identify a particular place at the beginning of the survey and then respond to the questions to let the Council know about their experience of that particular place. They are encouraged to identify any particular things in their place that are good or bad. Responses to this survey will be treated anonymously.

The Council is pleased to see that responses received so far are from a wide range of places across Highland. Responses so far indicate:

  • a range of what places are like for accessing services people need, with a significant proportion reporting poor access to services and a significant proportion who feel access to services is at least good;
  • the majority of respondents feeling safe and comfortable in their place, though that is not the experience of all;
  • more respondents feeling that spaces and buildings are not well looked after, than those feeling they are;
  • most respondents feeling proud and part of their place;
  • a range of different experiences about the ease of walking, wheeling or cycling to places that people need to and want to go, with more finding it difficult than finding it easy;
  • a high proportion of respondents feeling well connected to nature where they live.

The Council will analyse the full response to the survey to gain information about overall experiences and for particular places.

What do you think? Give us your views on these matters and more by completing the survey. What is good about your Highland community and what could be done differently?

The Highland Place Standard survey can be completed as an individual or as part of a group. Its aim is to provide The Highland Council with valuable input to a range of workstreams including the next Local Development Plan, the Highland Outcome Improvement Plan, place plans and day to day service delivery.

The Highland Place Standard survey will be open until the end of May 2024.


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16 Apr 2024