Focus on tourism as representatives gather

Photo of participants

Yesterday, Thursday 16 May, representatives from the tourism sector in the Highlands gathered in Inverness to take part in a Sustainable Tourism Strategy Workshop hosted by The Highland Council.

The meeting, which was well attended with representatives from across Highland and different interests, follows the launch of the Council’s public consultation on its Draft Sustainable Tourism Strategy. The workshop provided an opportunity for industry representatives to discuss issues, areas of interest, opportunities and priorities.

Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Ken Gowans said: “Our tourism industry representatives’ workshop was a great success, bringing together tourism professionals, industry representatives and stakeholders to discuss issues affecting tourism and look to the future.

“We want to ensure that as a council we have adopted an integrated approach as we work to develop a strategy that will focus on supporting a flourishing and sustainable tourism industry in Highland. A tourism industry which we can all be proud of and is a mechanism for positive change, strengthening our communities and enabling the economy to thrive year-round, enhancing the built and natural environment and offering visitors the best possible experiences.”

He added: “The discussions held  covered important topics including infrastructure, housing needs, investment opportunities and the Visitor Levy Bill currently going through parliament. I would like to thank all the participants for coming along. Their input has been very valuable, and the points raised in the discussions will be fed into the consultation and contribute to the final strategy.”

Chris O’Brien, Managing Director of Nevis Range said: “This was a great opportunity for a wide range of views to be exchanged on, in my view, Scotland’s most important sector.”

David Whiteford, Chair of Highland Coast Hotels said: “We have a really positive session on how to take the tourism industry in Highland forward. The Highland Council has a major leadership role and I look forward to further discussion on how the Highlands of Scotland can develop a sustainable tourism sector that delivers value for visitors and locals and where everyone feel welcome.”

The Highland Council’s Draft Sustainable Tourism Strategy is now available for public comment through the following link Sustainable Tourism Strategy (external link).  The consultation will run for a period of six weeks and will end at midnight on Tuesday 25 June 2024.

The collective findings will help shape the final strategy which will be presented to the Economy and Infrastructure Committee later this year.


17 May 2024