Info for Tain & Easter Ross By-election voters


By now those registered electors for the Tain and Easter Ross by-election should have received their poll card.  Permanent postal voters will have received a lilac coloured poll card indicating that they are voting by post.   For those voters who vote in-person at a polling station, they would receive a white poll card indicating the location of their polling place.

If you wish to vote by post, there is still time to apply as the deadline to submit an application form is midnight on Tuesday 28 May 2024. To do this please contact the Electoral Registration Office on 0800 393 783 or via the website

The 7 candidates standing for election are:

  • ALLISON Gordon - Scottish National Party (SNP)
  • BARNETT Andrew - Scottish Green Party
  • CHRISTIAN Harry - Scottish Libertarian Party
  • COHEN Barbara - Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • DUNDAS Laura - Independent
  • SHEARER John - Independent
  • SHORT Eva - Scottish Conservative and Unionist





27 May 2024