Further chance to tell us what is good about your Highland community and what could be done differently!

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Almost 900 people and groups across the region have offered their views since the Highland Place Standard survey was launched at the end of March 2024. The responses received so far are already being considered to help shape future plans, including the Council’s next Local Development Plan. However, we know that many more people are still keen to take part – so the deadline to have your say on Your Place has now been extended to Friday 16 August 2024.

If you have not already taken part, we hope you will take this further chance to complete the survey, capturing your experiences of living, working, visiting and investing in Highland.

Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Ken Gowans said: “Firstly I want to thank the many people and community groups who have taken part in the survey. We have had over 850 responses online so far, as well as returns from youth clubs across Highland.

“This is an important piece of work because you know your place - we want to hear from as many people as possible on what they feel are the positive and the negative aspects of where they live. It is also an opportunity to pass on ideas and aspirations for what can be done differently going forward.

“All the responses will provide us with valuable information as we look to plan for the future, taking in to account the unique make-up of all our communities. By giving extra time to take part, I hope that anyone who has not participated yet will take the opportunity, as we want to capture as many community voices as possible with their differing experiences from across the Highlands.”

The quick on-line survey asks people to identify a particular place at the beginning and then invites anyone taking part to respond to the questions to let the Council know about their experience of that place. You are encouraged to identify any particular things in their place that are good or bad. Responses to this survey will be treated anonymously.

The Highland Place Standard survey can be completed as an individual or as part of a group.

The new closing date of the survey is Friday 16 August 2024.

28 May 2024