Chair reacts to Visitor Levy Bill announcement

The Highland Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee Chair, Cllr Ken Gowans said: “The Highland Council welcomes the passing of the Visitor Levy Bill to Stage 3 through the Scottish Parliament. This enables the Council to begin the roll out of an 18 month implementation period to put in place the systems needed to collect and administer the levy.

"The tourism sector offers vital economic benefit to the Highlands and Islands and the Visitor Levy Bill helps to ensure its sustainability. The earliest a visitor levy could come into force is in 2026 and the revenue generated will enable the Council to deliver much needed strategic investment throughout Highland.

He added: “A strategic priority contained within the Council’s Administration Programme 2022-2027 is to work with partners and stakeholders to address service delivery challenges with an inclusive approach to change. In general terms the tourism levy will be not a tax on the Highland people, quite the opposite it is tax for the Highlands paid by others.

“Collaboration around the levy is essential towards developing a well-informed sustainable tourism and infrastructure strategy that aligns with everyone’s aspirations for Highland and that work is underway and can now be streamlined.


29 May 2024