HMIE follow through inspection - Miller Academy

HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) published a report on the inspection of Miller academy in June 2005. Action points were identified as a result of the inspection and HM Inspectors revisited the school in August 2007 to evaluate progress made against the action points and to assess the extent to which the school was continuing to improve the quality of its work.
The hard work of the headteacher (Ann Warren - appointed February 2007) was praised in the report with recognition that there was confidence in her leadership of the school and that she had succeeded in ensuring consistency of approach across the school in terms of learning and teaching and expectations of pupils.

Staff were commended on their improved literacy programme which included a very successful literacy week coinciding with the official reopening of their refurbished library. Pupil attainment in English language and mathematics were recognised as improving and further praise was focussed on pupil awareness of environmental issues and the achievement of a bronze Eco School award.
In relation to the four action points, HMIE assessed progress as adequate in two of the action points and weak in the other two. Progress in improving pupil attainment in English language and mathematics was assessed as adequate and further scope for improvement was identified. Improvement in the quality of learning and teaching was also assessed as adequate. Progress in improving the curriculum and approaches to planning, assessment and recording to better meet pupil's learning needs and methods to monitor and evaluate the work of the school and track pupil's progress were assessed as being weak. It was recognised in these two action points that the headteacher had recently implemented new planning procedures to effect improvement but it was too early to assess the impact of such improvement measures.
Head Teacher, Ann Warren said: "I am pleased the report confirms the school has moved forward and has recognised the school’s capacity to improve further. Recognition has to be given to the very committed staff who are working together to make the best provision for the children in Miller Academy Primary School.”
Lynne Cardosi, Parent Council Chairperson, said: "I am delighted with the progress the school has made. The impact of the successful teaching practices is evident in the work brought home by the children and by the enterprising initiatives being undertaken at school.”


30 Oct 2007