New Administration of The Highland Council

A new Administration to run The Highland Council was confirmed today (Friday 1st August, 2008).Cllr Jimmy Gray, Labour Leader (left) with Cllr Sandy Park, Independent Leader (centre) and Cllr Michael Foxley, Lib Dem Leader (right).

The Independent (30 members), Liberal Democrat (20) and Labour (7) Groups have formed a coalition to replace the former Independent/Scottish National Party partnership.

The Opposition is the Scottish National Party, 17 members, and the Independent Members Group of 6.

The new coalition will be headed by Convener, Independent Sandy Park, Nairn.  He will continue to chair meetings of the Council and represent the Council at civic and ceremonial matters which have a Highland-wide impact.

Liberal Democrat Michael Foxley will fill the new post of Leader of the Council’s Administration. He will lead the political administration of the Council, ensuring that the political decision making structures operate effectively.

A new position of Budget Leader and Chairman of the Budget Information Group will be filled by Councillor David Alston, Liberal Democrat.

The election of Chairman of the Inverness City Committee, which carries the role of Provost of Inverness, will be decided by the City Committee on Monday.

The election of office-bearers of the three local Planning Applications and Review Committees and the three local Licensing Boards/Committees will be  delegated to the local committees.

The full list of office-bearers is as follows:

1 Aug 2008
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