Inverness Leisure offer Chief Executive 5 minute MOT

Issued by Inverness Leisure
The fitness team from Inverness Leisure, headed by Michael Rae spent some time over the last couple of weeks offering 5 minute health checks to staff and visitors at The Highland Council’s headquarters in Glenurquhart Road, Inverness.

The team at Inverness Leisure are looking to visit large organisations to offer quick health and lifestyle assessments, and started this process with their partners at the Council.

Michael Rae of Inverness Leisure explained, “The process involves a check of blood pressure, body mass index, lung capacity and weight followed by a one-to-one consultation regarding personal lifestyles.  All of the tests and discussions are carried out in confidence by one of our qualified Fitness Consultants.

“We were delighted by the response we received from Council staff at Glenurquhart Road.  At one point we were so busy, we had to introduce an appointments system even though the tests were only taking a few minutes.

He continued, “The overall feedback we got from those who took part was that it was very worthwhile and would definitely prompt them into becoming active in some level of activity in their day-to-day lives.”

One of Inverness Leisure’s fitness team’s customers looking for an MOT on the day was Highland Council Chief Executive, Alistair Dodds.  After his lifestyle checked he said: “It’s important that we all take our health and fitness seriously and this Lifestyle MOT is a very easy way to get some pointers in the right direction. Many of our staff are already High Life leisure card members but this is a good reminder to make use of their membership in a productive way whether it’s to help lose weight; reduce your blood pressure or body mass index; or to increase lung function capactiy. All of these indicators measured during the MOT can be retested so that you can check your progress.”

He concluded: “The way in which the Team at Inverness Leisure have created the process means the checks can be done in a very short space of time.  This means that staff can be released from their work to have a quick lifestyle check to see if there are any areas they could improve in.

“Due to the success of this first MOT health check we have asked the Inverness Leisure team to visit the Town House in Inverness for a day to offer the checks to our staff over there.”

Inverness Leisure in the Bught Park believes itself to be offering one of the best health and leisure packages in the UK with its High Life card, where families residing in the one household can use practically all the facilities for the equivalent of less than £5 per week.
The team at Inverness Leisure are looking to offer the “5 Minute MOT” product to any large organisations that are looking to proactively work in relation to their staff’s health and wellbeing.

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31 Jul 2008