Ranger event sights "beached" whale at Farr

Around twenty children joined Highland Council’s North Sutherland Countryside Ranger, Paul Castle yesterday (Wednesday 30th July, 2008) to build an eleven metre sand-sculpture of a minke whale at Farr Beach.

The sand sculpture activity was one of Paul’s ‘Nature Kids’ events and has been run for the last three years at the popular location of Farr Beach near Bettyhill.

Paul said: “In 2006 we made a seven metre whale, last year we managed nine metres and this one measured eleven metres. It took a lot of effort and a little help from the adults but the kids did most of the work and the whale looked superb. I’d like to thank everyone for coming along and I’ll hopefully see some people again next year to see if we can once again better our efforts.”

The Nature Kids activity is included in The Highland Council’s programme of Ranger Guided Walks and Events which takes place throughout the Highlands from March to November / December. The Council’s programme of events aims to help raise awareness and encourage appreciation of the scenery, wildlife and heritage of the Highlands. Full details of the programme are available on the Council’s website at http://www.www.highland.gov.uk/.

The Highland Council Countryside Rangers are a partnership between The Highland Council and Scottish Natural Heritage with the aim of promoting public enjoyment and appreciation of the Countryside and conserving wildlife.

For further information please contact: Paul Castle, North Sutherland Countryside Ranger, The Highland Council, Bettyhill Service Point, Bettyhill By Thurso tel: 01641 521884.


31 Jul 2008