Council confirms commitment to Play Development

Highland Councillors have agreed a package of measures to promote the development of play for young people throughout the Highlands.

The Education, Culture and Sport Service will take the lead role on play
development for the Council and will produce a simple guidebook to assist communities and others in developing play opportunities and play areas.

To complement this,  an annual meeting will be held with interested groups to ensure:

• Continued awareness of developments and best practice in the Highlands;
• specific training workshops are provided; and
• direct access is given to grant funding organisations.

An Officer Group from the Education, Culture and Sport, Transport, Environmental and Community Services and Planning and Development Services will ensure effective cross Service working in the delivery of the Play Strategy.

Three Active School Co-ordinators, one in each Council corporate area, will take on a lead role of awareness and dissemination of play developments and information as part of their current contracts; and Education, Culture and Sport will staff attend the Early Years Working Groups in each of the Council’s areas to assist in the development of both play and active lifestyles for the very young and their families.

Councillor Bill Fernie, Chairman of the Council’s Education, Culture and Sport Committee, said: “Our play strategy recognises the importance  we attach to play development. We will be working closely with our partners to raise awareness of the benefits of play, providing specialist advice on play issues and delivering a number of projects.”

For further information please contact: Graham Watson, Community Development Manager, The Highland Council, Education, Culture and Sport Service tel: (01463) 702050

27 Jun 2008