Lion King Star comes to the Highlands

The Highlands will be treated to some entertainment with a difference over Easter when the original star of the Lion King Broadway musical, hits the streets of Inverness.

Tsidii Le Loka, originally from Lesotho, South Africa, but now living and working in theatre and TV in New York City, will be arriving to work with The Highland Council’s Mairi Mhor Gaelic Song Fellow, Fiona Mackenzie.

Tsidii Le Loka and Fiona will be performing together at Hootenanny’s, Inverness, on Thursday 3 April at 9pm .

Fiona said:  “I met Tsidii when I was  in New York for Tartan Week, with Highland 2007 and she heard me singing in Grand Central Station. She was instantly struck by the similarities between Gaelic working song rhythms and the work songs of her own native Lesothan culture and so we have been collaborating on material since then.

“We have been working on ideas for a major humanitarian project called ‘Women of the World’  which is designed to draw profile, through music,  to the plights of woman and children in different parts of the world – in this case, of course, Africa and Scotland - a plight which may vary in nature obviously but needy situations nonetheless.

“It’s a very exciting project and I am looking forward to working more closely with Tsidii while she is here in April. This is a great chance for us to explore the diversity and potential of our Gaelic culture creating new styles and new material in a way which may not have been done before.  Tsidii will be making a presentation to Council officials and agencies including the Scottish Arts Council and other Arts and Gaelic bodies and I am sure they will be interested in finding out more about our work together. She is a totally dynamic and captivating performer and connects immediately with her audience, whether it be a younger or a more mature audience.”

Further details can be had by contacting Fiona on


25 Mar 2008