Housing Consultation Reminder

Communities are being reminded of an ongoing consultation on proposed changes to The Highland the Council’s supplementary planning guidance on Affordable Housing.  This policy is currently used to ensure that proposals for housing development deliver at least a proportion (currently 25%) as affordable housing.  There have been a number of changes to the definitions and means of delivery of affordable housing since the guidance was produced in 2002, so it is an opportune time for review.  A number of options for change are set out within the document, and everyone with an interest in affordable housing is asked to contribute to the debate.

The outcomes of the consultation will be considered by the Council’s Planning Environment and Development Committee as soon as possible after 28 April - the closing date for responses.  Copies of the document are available at Council Service Points and on the web-site under the section entitled “Consultation”.  The consultation period has been running from 3 March.

Councillor Drew Hendry, the Chairman of the Council’s Planning Environment and Development Committee, said: “We all have a role to play in ensuring that the amount of affordable housing is increased, and this is an opportunity to contribute to the debate about how we actually do it.”  

26 Mar 2008