Taxi Fare Increases Confirmed

Taxi fare increases in the Highlands have been confirmed by The Highland Council’s Transport Environmental and Community Services Committee following a period of consultation with the trade and the public.

The increases take account of increases in the costs of operating taxis, such as rising diesel, petrol and insurance premiums and recognise that Highland taxi fares are amongst the lowest in Scotland.

The increases will take effect from Monday 7 July, this year.

Increases in Tariff 1 (7 am – 10 pm Monday – Saturday) range from 3.3% for a journey of one mile to 15.6% for a journey of 100 miles or more. Increases in Tariff 2 (10 pm – 7 am on any day , all day on Sunday or when five passengers or more are being carried) range from 7.7% to 16.4% and at Tariff 3 (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and 2nd January) range from 6% to 15.9%.

Tariff 2 and 3 will operate from 10 pm – 7 am, instead of midnight – 8 am and  the 2nd of January will move from Tariff 2 to Tariff 3. Waiting time is to increase to 10p per 20 seconds, instead of 10p per 30 seconds.

Operators are entitled to charge any fare, provided it does not exceed the maximum provided for in the tariff.


30 May 2008