Library Survey

The public is being asked to help The Highland Council improve its library service.

With funding from the Scottish Arts Council, the Council has designed an audience development survey to gather the views of people who have previously used Highland Library services but no longer do so and also those who have never used these services.

The responses are aimed at increasing library usage; increasing user satisfaction; and targeting service improvements at specific groups of people within the Highland community, including disadvantaged and ‘excluded’ groups. 

Apart from gathering responses via a postal survey, a street survey and by surveying the users at various Highland Council and other facilities throughout The Highland Council Area, the Council has also designed an online version of the survey, which can be found on the Highland Council website's Library page.

The deadline for responses is the end of November.

The Council runs 56 community and school libraries and eight mobile libraries and issues 1.4 million items each year. It also handles 50,000 requests each year.

22 Oct 2008