Rural Kerbside Recycling – Wheelie Bin Roll Out begins in Caithness

Over the next few weeks residents in rural Caithness can expect to take delivery of a new blue-lidded wheelie bin for their recycling waste. Householders should already have received an introductory leaflet outlining how the new service will operate, and may even have had a visit from a member of the Highland Council’s Waste Awareness Team.

The bins, which will be collected on a four-weekly rota beginning in December, can take paper, cardboard, tin cans and plastic bottles. Householders are being asked to flatten tins, plastic bottles and cardboard and to remove caps and rinse bottles and cans, although labels don’t need to be removed.

Some householders have expressed surprise that the items will be mixed in the same bin. A Council spokesperson explained that this is because at the recycling plant they will be separated by a mixture of both mechanical and manual means. It is important therefore that the items are loose and not placed in plastic bags or mixed together.

The Council’s Waste Management Team will be publicising the new scheme over the next few weeks and residents may notice posters in the area and adverts on Caithness FM. The Team are also planning a number of public events and will be visiting schools to talk to pupils about recycling.

The bins will be delivered with a booklet containing full details on how to use the bin and a calendar showing collection dates. Normal weekly refuse collections will not be affected.
The new collections should greatly reduce the number of visits that residents need to make to Recycling Points and Centres – reducing car journeys and so further benefiting the environment.

The blue box scheme already currently operating in many areas of Caithness will remain unaffected.

For more information about recycling in your area please telephone 01955 607171, visit or email -



29 Oct 2008