Working Together To Improve City Bus Services

A very constructive and positive meeting between members of The Highland Council's Inverness City Committee and representatives from Stagecoach Bluebird took place on Monday at the Town House.  During the meeting issues of concern raised by the public regarding city bus services were discussed.

Following the meeting, Councillors said they were very pleased with the positive reception and noted that Stagecoach Bluebird will consider the issues raised and  where-ever practical make the suggested changes to the services. 

Councillors recognise the issues faced by Stagecoach in the current economic climate.

Provost Jimmy Gray, Chairman of Inverness City Committee, said:  “It was a very productive meeting at which we were able to have a free and frank discussion with the representatives of Stagecoach.  It was agreed that by working together we can achieve further improvements to the already extensive bus network in and around the city.”

Scott Pearson, Divisional Traffic Manager, Stagecoach in the Highlands, said:  “We see this meeting as an opportunity to listen to the concerns of the public, whose opinions we value. We already work closely with a number of officials within the Council on the development of bus services both in rural and urban areas and look forward to developing our association.”

30 Oct 2008