City Sewer Collapse Update

The Highland Council has taken action to assess the extent of the problem caused by the collapse of a sewer buried under Market Lane in Inverness.

The problem was noticed on Sunday when part of the pavement began to sink.  Council officials acted quickly to section off the area and to start investigative work to discover how bad the damage to the sewer is. 

Whilst work is continuing every effort has been made to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible to the public and the traders in Market Lane and the Victorian Market. 

Provost Jimmy Gray said:  “I am glad to say that it will be business as usual for the Victorian Market and for the other local businesses in Market Lane.  However, there will be times at which pedestrian access to the lane from Church Street will be restricted so we are emphasising to people to follow the diversion signs while works are continuing.”

30 Oct 2008