Council Chiefs to Attend Tain and Easter Ross Ward Forum

The Convener of The Highland Council, Sandy Park and Chief Executive, Alistair Dodds will be attending the Tain and Easter Ross Ward, on Thursday 2 October 2008, to discuss with community representatives ‘How can we influence and improve Council services at a local level? 

They will also stay to participate in the usual public Question and Answer session at the end of the Forum which will be held at the Tain Royal Academy Community Complex from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  Teas and coffees, hosted by Tain Community Council, will be served from 7pm.

Campbell Stewart, The Highland Council’s Area Roads & Community Works Manager, will also be attending to look at the Winter Maintenance Programme for 2008/9. 

Campbell came to the Ward Forum last year to discuss this and welcomes feedback from the service provided in 2007 to improve this years plan.

“Last year we got a lot of useful feedback from the communities represented at the Forum and also gave them the opportunity to understand how we plan work and prioritise areas.  We have built on that feedback to improve our plans for this year,” he said.

Every Community Council in the Tain and Easter Ross Ward and other representative community organisations are members of the Ward Forum and have the opportunity to feed the views of their community into the subjects being discussed.

Ward Forums have been set up across the Highlands to help you have your say in what's happening in your area. The forums meet regularly in public led by the Ward Elected Members in each area, assisted by the Ward Manager. Representatives of Community Councils and partner agencies, such as the police also attend the forums.  The meetings last for up to 2 hours, with a 20-minute slot allocated at the end of the meeting for questions from the public.
If you have an enquiry about your Forum; would like to submit questions in advance of the meeting; or have any special requirements/needs to help you take part, please contact Carol Elliot at Tain Service Point or by phoning 01349 886643 or by emailing   

Further information and past Ward Forum notes can also be found on the Highland Council website under “Your Ward”.

22 Sep 2008