Culbokie 3 Bin Trial To Continue

Since February, 125 volunteer households in Culbokie have been taking part in The Highland Council’s recycling trial and due to the success of this scheme, members of the TECs Services Committee agree for the trial to continue.  They also gave the go ahead for a comparative survey to be carried out in the Inverness area.

The Council introduced the 3 bin recycling trial to determine the maximum theoretical recyling rate from a three bin system from a supported and motivated group of householders.  This in turn would help in determining the future collection system for waste and recycling throughout the Highlands.  One brown 240 litre wheeled bin for garden and food waste was collected weekly.  A blue 240 litre wheeled bin used for paper, cans, plastic drink bottles and cardboard is collected fornightly and a red 240 litre wheeled bin for non-recyclable waste (excluding food waste) is collected fortnightly.

The results over the first 29 weeks of the trial saw 85.8 tonnes of waste being collected, over half of which was suitable to be composted. In total a whopping 71% of material collected was diverted from going to a landfill site.  Virtually all (98%) of residents taking part said they found the system very easy or easy to use and a survey also found that since taking part people were more aware about re-using plastic bags and avoiding over-packaged goods.

Chairman of TEC Services, Councillor John Laing said:  “When the trial started I met with a householder taking part and heard first hand that the opportunity to use the 3 bin system was very welcome and something the whole family could get involved in.  The figures gathered speak for themselves and everyone taking part should be congratulated for their enthusiasm and willingness to take part and alter the way they  dispose of their household waste. 

“The information collected will prove to be invaluable for developing future recycling services and will help us to better understand the barriers some people may have to overcome before truly getting behind our campaign to reduce, reuse, recycle.  Throughout the trial participants have received help and support from our recycling staff so I would also like to thank them for all their good work. 

“The Council’s current recycling rate is approximately 30% but this trial shows that if it were possible to offer this service across the region, this figure would rise significantly which is very promising for the future. If the Committee supports the contination of this trial, we will be able to establish a much clearer picture of how as a Council we can develop our services to meet the needs and aspirations of our residents and our environment.”

25 Sep 2008