Ardersier Primary School - A Credit to the Community

Pupils, parents and staff at Ardersier Primary School have received high praise from Her Majesty’s Inspectors in their report which was published on April 27th.  The inspectors found evidence of a community which was working effectively in partnership to provide very good quality learning experiences for pupils.

Head Teacher, James Lyon, whose leadership was singled out for praise, welcomed the report.  He said: “It presents an accurate picture of the school community and reflects the commitment and hard work of pupils, parents and staff over a number of years.  I am particularly pleased that the inspectors recognised the success of the cooperation and partnerships we have built up in classrooms, school and community.  Our pupils thoroughly deserve the praise they received particularly for their enthusiasm for learning and citizenship skills.”

Pupils, parents and staff were all praised by the inspectors.  Aside from the pupils’ enthusiasm for learning, the inspectors found that the school’s young people behaved well, felt safe and valued.  They knew what to do if they had any concerns, confident that the school would respond appropriately.

Inspectors also found pupils to be “experiencing success, demonstrating responsible citizenship skills and contributing effectively to the school and community.”   

Staff demonstrated very good team-work and were “successful in encouraging children to work together and provide a very good choice of activities.” The Nursery received special commendation across all areas.

Parents were praised for “contributing to learning in a number of ways” with almost all being highly supportive of the school.  The Parent Council in particular was recognised for securing additional funds and resources.

Chairperson Debbie Riach commented: “The Parent partnership would like to take this opportunity to show our full support to Mr Lyon and all staff within the school. We are delighted that the dedication and caring attitude of the staff are making Ardersier Primary progressive, with pupils that experience very high quality learning. We particularly like to see that the school’s and pupils’ efforts within the community have been rewarded and that the school continues to promote positive relationships.”
The inspectors expressed confidence in the school’s capacity to improve and will make no further visits in relation to their recommendations.  Mr Lyon believes that the report provides a very good platform for further improvement

“We are pleased but certainly not complacent and need to continue to work on meeting needs more effectively and on raising attainment in English and Mathematics. With the continuing support of all parents, I’m sure we’ll succeed.”

Local MSP, Fergus Ewing, also welcomed the report: “I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Headteacher and his team on the excellent report you have received.  I know you will continue to achieve this high standard.”

27 Apr 2009