Holm Primary Switched On To Harness The Sun

Pupils at Holm Primary will be able to monitor how much of the energy they use is powered by the sun now a new photo-voltaic system has been installed on the roof which will generate clean and free renewable energy to the school. 

They will also be able to carry out experiments and learn more about solar power generation thanks to a special student kit which was handed over to the school by Chairman of the Planning, Environment and Development Committee, Councillor Ian Ross.

He said:  “A priority of the Council is to look at our own estate and identify ways we can cut down on the amount of energy our buildings use.  One of the proactive things we can look at is tapping into alternative green sources of energy and I am delighted that Holm Primary now has the ability to use a free source of power.  It not only will bring economic benefits but will also cut down the carbon footprint of the school.  I am sure the whole school will be fascinated to learn more about the system and will enjoy seeing for themselves the savings that will be made.”

The system installed on the roof is a 4kWp photo-voltaic system which comprises of a grid connected polycrystalline array of 24 panels mounted on the flat roof. The system is expected to produce 3,500kWh per year which is similar to the needs of a typical house.  If this is achieved the demand of the school for electricity will be reduced and approximately 1.5T of CO2 will be offset each year.
The installation was carried out by Solar Century Limited as part of a government framework agreement and half of the £22,000.00 cost was paid through a Government grant.

Head Teacher of the 213 pupil schools, Mrs Margaret Hay said: “All pupils in the school have been very active in taking forward the Eco-School initiative.  The solar panels will contribute significantly to this work and will be a source of interest for the children and hopefully lead them to investigate alternative sources of energy both now and in the future.”

The Highland Council was one of the first of Scotland's 32 Local Authorities to sign Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration in 2007 and then reaffirmed its commitment to delivering greener and more efficient services in the Highlands by re-signing the Declaration in May last year.


28 Jan 2009